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Golf Gear Bag: Adidas Men’s Personal Care Line

May 24th, 2012
Staff writer

The adidas men's personal care line is aimed at athletes.Walmart is carrying select items from the Adidas men’s personal care line including the gear-bag friendly Hair & Body, a combination body wash and shampoo (13.5 ounces, $3.47). The company boasts that the line was “developed with athletes,” and it’s clear that athletes want combination and quick on-the-go products. You can also find antiperspirants and other toiletries in the line. We also liked the Deep Energy Body Spray. It’s kind of like an air freshener for your body. Spray it on after a workout (or before) and the “traditional masculine scent” helps you remain pleasant all day. Without a shower? Hmm. It’s $3.47, too, at Walmart.

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