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“Core Grip” golf training product to debut at 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando

Jan 11th, 2013
staff writer

The core grip for golfLifeApps Digital Media Inc., an emerging growth company and designer of apps and next-generation social networks for sports, health, fitness and entertainment enthusiasts, is pleased to announce its plans to exhibit at the 60th PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 24-26, 2013, in Orlando, Florida. At the show, LifeApps will be launching its new Core Grip retail product for golfers. Core Grip is designed to improve one’s overall golf fitness levels and core stability by reinforcing the kinematic sequence for increased performance in club speed and accuracy. It will be packaged with a free download of the Core Grip Golf digital fitness training system for iOS, and is available in the App Store.

“We are excited to attend the PGA Merchandise Show as we prepare to showcase Core Grip and mobile app to golf’s most influential retailers from around the world,” said LifeApps CEO Robert Gayman. “We couldn’t imagine a better place to launch our innovative device than at the largest PGA show of the year.”

“The Core Grip training system presents golf-specific exercises incorporating the kinematic sequence that improve a golf player’s overall fitness levels, core strength and stability in just a few minutes per day,” states Dr. Peter Mackay, LifeApps’ resident golf expert. “It’s a fantastic at-home or gym fitness product for golfers of all levels.”

By specifically targeting core muscles, the revolutionary Core Grip can build a solid foundation for dramatic improvement in one’s play. Proper kinematic sequencing and coordination of the body in each exercise will help lead to optimal control of drives. Core Grip was developed by leading golf fitness experts to deliver a simple, highly effective core workout to elevate a golfer’s game.

The Core Grip comes with a wall chart of the “Core 12,” the 12 foundation exercises of the Core Grip for golf. Users of the Core Grip will also be able to download the

Core Grip Golf digital training system from the App Store for free. The app will allow users to gain access to additional exercises, ongoing instruction, social media and much more from their iPhone or iPad.

From Thursday, Jan. 24 to Saturday, Jan. 26 of this year, LifeApps will make the Core Grip available for live demonstrations at the PGA Merchandise Show in the new Golf Fitness section titled “FIT to W.I.N.” at booth #585 in the Orange County Convention Center. The new FIT to W.I.N. pavilion is sponsored by the Titleist Performance Institute and will focus on health benefits of golf along with the programs and products that aid in increasing performance and fitness.



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