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The Golf Core Grip Launches at 2013 PGA Show

Jan 30th, 2013
Staff Writer

The Golf Core Grip comes in several colors.LifeApps Digital Media, Inc. launched the Golf Core Grip Workout System at the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando, Fl. on January 24, 2013. The Core Grip booth was in the Titleist Performance Institute's "FIT to W.I.N." pavilion at the Orange County Convention Center.

"We had a really great show," stated David S. Dawson, Director of Operations for LifeApps. "The Golf Core Grip is the next generation fitness tool and app system for golfers. Response to the Core Grip at the show has been tremendous, it was the perfect venue to launch our product."

The Golf Core Grip Workout System incorporates a gym-quality molded golf grip that connects to tension bands and workout pulley systems for a series of lift and chop exercises that strengthen and stabilize the core muscles through the golf swing. The system also incorporates a downloadable Core Grip app for iPhone and iPad that provides enhanced fitness training through instructional video, written instruction, animation and more. Fitness routines can be customized, recorded and even shared on social media from within the app. Purchasers of the Core Grip can download the Core Grip Golf digital training system from the App Store for free. The Core Grip also comes with a wall chart of the “Core 12,” the 12 foundation exercises of the Core Grip for golf.

“The Core Grip training system presents golf-specific exercises incorporating the kinematic sequence that improve a golf player’s overall fitness levels, core strength and stability in just a few minutes per day,” states Dr. Peter Mackay, LifeApps’ resident golf expert. “It’s a fantastic at-home or gym fitness product for golfers of all levels.”

By specifically targeting core muscles, the revolutionary Core Grip can build a solid foundation for dramatic improvement in one’s play. Proper kinematic sequencing and coordination of the body in each exercise will help lead to optimal control of drives. Core Grip was developed by leading golf fitness experts to deliver a simple, highly effective core workout to elevate a golfer’s game.

The Core Grip can be pre-ordered now at


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