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Dr. Core Grip

Apr 29th, 2013
Staff Writer

The Golf Core Grip was developed by Dr. Peter Mackay and other leading golf fitness experts to deliver a simple, highly effective core workout that will elevate your golf game. Dr. Mackay, a leading medical and fitness expert and advisory board member of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has over 30 years of clinical experience bringing a unique combination of expertise in golf biomechanics and injury prevention to Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and the Golf Core Grip Workout System. An Honors graduate of the University of Toronto and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, he is also the former consultant to the Toronto Blue Jays and director of therapy for the Canadian Open and Canadian PGA Tour. In 2012, Dr. Mackay and his partner Phil Cheetham were the keynote speakers at the Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Conference. They also presented their program, "Players at Risk" at both the World Scientific Congress of Golf in April and at the World Golf Fitness Summit in October. Dr. Mackay is presently in private practice at the Elite Performance Institute in San Diego, CA.

A Note from the Doc:

The core grip was developed to allow an individual to utilize weight stacks or tubing to perform exercises specifically designed to challenge the movements required in rotary sports such as golf , baseball and tennis.

The ergonomics of the grip creates pressure feedback and the ability to practice proper wrist mechanics throughout the exercises.

All elite athletes attempt to use a movement pattern which results in optimum performance. For example, although there are 150 golfers on tour with different swing styles, each one of them performs an efficient sequence which provides power and consistency. This is known as the "kinematic sequence" (KS). The biomechanical analysis of these pros reveals tremendous similarity in this pattern. The core grip is the first product developed to specifically train the kinematic sequence. Dr. Mackay has utilized EMG studies to determine which muscles are active and in which part of the swing. The latest program , "Six Minutes to Stability" , works every muscle in the golf swing and is the quickest way to have a major affect on golf fitness.

For more instruction by the Core Grip experts, download the free instructional iOS app in the App Store.

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