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Using The Golf Core Grip Bands

Apr 11th, 2013
Golf Core Grip


Welcome to the Golf Core Grip. Golf's most natural fitness device. Let's cover how to use the Golf Core Grip bands.

The Golf Core Grip bands are designed with a heavy duty strap on one end and a clip on the other. The clip attaches to the Core Grip rings. The strap is used as your anchor point in a door.

At the end of the band is a "bubble" which is used to anchor the strap in place.

Slip the strap between the door and the floor and slide it towards the wall. The "bubble" should be on the side of the door opposite of your training space.

The strap is positioned below the hinge for your low anchor point. For high anchor point do the same steps along the top of the door with strap, and position above the top hinge.

Note how the "bubble" is unable to slide through the door from the other side when the door is closed.

With the anchor point secured in the closed door, you are ready to use your Golf Core Grip!